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  • .:CGZ:. Community has been around since 2000. (CyberGameZone)

    Originally started as one of the largest websites hosting CounterStrike Map downloads for several years but over time the site and group has adjusted to all the changes in the gaming community.

    Recall the day it was clans using mIRC, then off to TeamSpeak/Ventrillo, Site Forums, Social Networks, Gaming Communities, to Discord.

    The method of Communication has change greatly over time.

    Today we are a gaming Community that mostly uses and survives on Discord. The Community host ARK PVE servers. We tend to move around game to game, but always had ARK servers for about 4yrs. Thanks to our Business Partnership with Nitrado we have had awesome servers.

    Feel free to join the discord to see what we are up to. CyberGameZone.com/discord

    Our recent installtion of GSA has provided a website with Player, and Game stats which inclused a Hall of Fame.

    Soon to enable Voting and other features. We provide an ingame store using Capitalism Mod, and TC Rewards.

    Server Cluster/CrossARK'd with player, items and dinos.

    .:CGZ:. Amissa (Official)

    .:CGZ:. Ragnarok

    .:CGZ:. 25x Genesis I

    Map: Genesis II COMING SOON

    List of some of the mods:

    ~All servers:

    • ARK Additions: The Collection
    • Auto Engrams
    • Dino Pick Up Mod
    • Immersive Taming
    • GSA Integration
    • Kraken's Better Dinos
    • Simple Spawners
    • Super Structures (SS)
    • Super Spyglass
    • TCs Auto Rewards
    • Ultra Stacks

    ~Amissa and Ragnarok:

    • Ark Wardrobe Mod
    • Capitalism Currency
    • Capitalism NPC Trader
    • Capitalism Research Table
    • eco's Garden Decor
    • eco's RP Decor
    • eco's Stable Structures and Decor

    Day Settings (normal day):

    *Day cycle speed scale 1

    *Night time scale 1.75

    *Day time scale .55

    Boosts: Player Weight and Speed, Dino Weight

    Difficulty Offset 1 (Max Lvl: 150)

    Override official difficulty 5

    Harvest 25x

    Draining Multiplier .5

    XP 1.5x

    Taming Speed 5x

    Egg Hatch Speed 3x

    Baby Mature Speed 5x

    Baby Cuddle Interval 0.1x