Renting servers from Nitrado?

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  • Hello everyone,,

    Had a few questions to ask pertaining to this company. Edit: this is for Ps4

    Is Nitrado the only way to go about renting a server for me and my friends?

    Is it a safe/reliable place (my card info and such) to engage in?

    Anyone have any experience in doing business with them? Are you satisfied with this company?

    Should I be apprehensive due to the idea that my server could be shut down by wild card for any given reason?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello

    Nitrado is the top destination for rental servers I've been with them for some time now. I started out as just a customer renting ARK servers then made my way into moderating on the forums.

    I've never had any issues card or money related with them. The community itself is great to deal and work with. We are always here for each other.

    And we don't have anything to do with wildcard. They don't have access to the servers as Nitrado is the one that hosts them.

    Anything else you can think of just ask away.