Dayz - (Xbox) - Replicate Servers for testing.

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  • Hi All

    I’m admin on two Dayz Xbox servers, one live PvE and the other is testing area.

    my question is, is there anyway to take a copy of our life Dayz Nitrado server, and then replicate the base builds on to the test server to allow for mod testing and item placements.

    So in essence make a duplicate of one server contents to another?

    easy enough with all XML modifications but really would like to have the buildings in the test server so I can then make test mod / placement with out worrying about players having to come off the servers to see “did that placement work or not”

    I am using Days iZurvive and “punched in the face” method to get better placement but would be easier in a controlled environment.

    Any suggestions if I can do this?

    Thanks All:thumbup::thumbup:

    (Moderators - apologies if in wrong area did search could not find an answer)