SDR Error

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  • Hi,

    I am getting the following error while playing modded;
    SDR service thread gave up on lock after waiting 103ms. This directly adds to delay of processing of network packets!

    I read that increasing the RAM could solve the problem. On the website itself it says, that increasing RAM is only available for Minecraft.
    Is it? And if not, should that solve the issue?

  • Hello,

    Copied from another thread as this was answered this morning on another post:


    Hello, The RAM upgrade is unfortunately only available for Minecraft Servers.

    Thank you for your understanding!"

    Feel free to contact Nitrado Support either by creating a ticket or calling them.

    Information can be located in my signature and at the bottom of the Forum site.

    thank you

  • Okay, thanks for the answer.
    Any idea what I could do to prevent that error from crashing my server?