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  • FTP Upload own Save File.

    To upload your Own Save to your Astroneer Server you need to have the Expert Settings mode on.

    The next steps will provide all information you need to accomplish the task:

    1. Stop your Server
    2. If your FTP connection fails, change the FTP password through your Server dashboard. If not, just connect :]
    3. Upload Your Save File.
    4. Go to the Expert Settings and look for the option ActiveSaveFileDescriptiveName=
    5. ActiveSaveFileDescriptiveName=NameOfYourSaveFile
    6. Save changes.
    7. Restart.

    That should be enough to upload your own World.

    This is our official Wiki from Astroneer for additional information:

    Let us know if you need additional assistance regarding this or other Astroneer inquiries, we are here to help.

  • Is your Server on a restarting loop?

    What you can do to fix this situation on your end might depend on the actions you were doing prior to the issues happening.

    Restarting loop after uploading a Savefile:

    When this happens, make sure the file you've uploaded into FTP it's actually recognized as a save file and not a normal one.

    Additionally, verifying you have the same name of the save file (and nothing else) you are uploading in the Expert settings might also do it.

    Any error in the process will cause your Server to restart, checking all the steps might be the solution you are looking for.

    Restarting loop after making configuration changes:

    As you might understand, making changes with the Server started might be a big issue and can cause your server to crash.

    When this happens, a backup restoration prior to making the changes you did should correct the issue.

    It might also be necessary to check the values you've added in your game's options, exaggerated values might cause the server to crash or it will take a lot for it to restart.

    If you are still having issues after this, please Contact the Nitrado Support Team, we are always here to help.