Max structures in range - setting on website doesn't work

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  • Hello folks,

    we have a ps4 server (we, because I'm not the owner but one of the few users.)

    So our problem is that we want to build high/ very massive structures.

    So we changed the setting "Max structures in range" to 20.000 and nothing changes ingame. Still the same problem "too many structures in range"

    (~6500 - 6950).

    So what's happening here? Do we have to write there even higher numbers besides from what we need?

    I can also imagine that the new command isn't implemented in the website maybe...

    I read about it that the command "MaxStructuresInRange" was changed to "NewMaxStructuresInRange" for the ARK commands some time ago.

    Has someone experience with this or could help me somehow please?

    Thank you for any advice. :thumbup:

  • It works for me.

    They way you have it typed reads 20 dot 000

    Try 20000

    Have server offline for 5m first, make the change, save then restart.

    Also the game itself may not allow that to be that high. Structures massive will also cause lag and other issues for not only you but other players as well. Games recommendation as I recall is 1200-1500. Also for the admin anything larger than Id say about 2000-3000 is an admin nightmare to clear up. If an admin attempted to remove a players structures in high numbers the server will crash. Been there, done that hence why we restrict numbers like that on our personal servers.

  • Thank you for the advices.

    I know this will be laggy but it's only a test server for buildings. No community server.

    I want to build a 100 x 100 platform with a few layers for testing and another player just wants to use this to rebuild Hogwarts.

    But he got the build limit....

    So that'swhy I need to get this higher...

    Did you change the settings with the website or with the game.ini?

    That would be important maybe? :/

    Anyway thank you. :thumbup:

    I know at least that it should work.

    (I know the problems which will be coming with this but it's ok. Just two users on the server.)