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  • Hey all,

    New server operator. A week ago my RAM usage on a single tile lowest tier server was peaking at 100% and crashing the game server. To mitigate I upgraded RAM from 1 GB to 4 GB (Pro level). I run the server for friends and those who may wander in as 10x boosted currently and allow cross play of xbox and pc players.
    Yesterday I oasis tile switched to AncientCity and after about 6 hours of 4-10 player looting the server reached and sustained 100% RAM usage for 45 minutes before crashing. Upon bringing the server down for 20 mins and restarting this trend was repeated 2 more times before I tile swapped back to the normal operating map.

    Has any noticed this sort of behavior? Is there a way to clear this out and reduce RAM usage? Is it even a problem to have the server running at 100% RAM and about 40-60% CPU?

    I know we are not given a large amount of capability as a server operator with Last Oasis currently, just looking for a possible solution other than I have to upgrade the server yet again.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.