Lock DLC-specific engrams?

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  • Didn't play ARK for almost a year, had a nitrado server back then and have a new one now. We're playing on The Island and I'm having the issue that all DLC engrams are unlocked/ learnable. I want them locked again so we have something to look forward to on the other maps.

    I'm using Game.ini and GameUserSettings.ini of the last server (I used the new, automatically generated ones and added certain missing lines) but I don't think there were any with the word 'engrams' in it.

    Really hoping for help because this is just somewhat boring.

  • Unlock engrams as you level is on the main WebUI setting.

    But if you unlocked them all in the expert or ftp way, just change the setting.

    However as I recall it wont go backwards so the only way is to start over for them to be locked.

  • We did start with new characters, only lines are:

    in GameUserSettings:





    and it was like that before anyone connected. Is there anything else I could look out for?