Not what I expected coming into this

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  • When I was doing all of my research before purchasing a server everything looked simple easy and difficult to screw up.

    When I went through and purchased the server and started setting it up I realized that I have less than half the control that was shown in the videos I watched. I cannot edit the dino or survivor stats gained per leveling up, I can't change a lot of the settings that I had access to on the xbox itself. And on top of everything I can't even make myself an admin. In the videos there was an option to whitelist yourself and be able to find the server on the pc, but I don't have the whitelist option on my laptop so I have had to log in on my other account on my xbox, find my server and invite my pc account to join game. I have read many forums and watched too many youtube videos and I have yet to find the answers I need please help me!!;(

    I honestly feel like I am paying to play on an official server where I have no control whatsoever.

  • Hi! Your best bet would be expert settings. Don't delete them, and it takes tweaking to get the right.

    As Rondeau said, on console you will need to push on your controller LB, RB, X, Y all at the same time while in the pause menu in game. Enter your password at the top and go to request admin. For creative mode you need to enable that. I suggest you go through general settings first and set basic ones, then save. Test in game. If those settings don't quite work, enable expert settings. That will transfer your basic settings to the coding and stop you from having to enter it all yourself if you use expert.

    Also, download beacon app on your computer. Its really helpful when you have no idea what you are looking at inside expert settings!