DayZ Loot items

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  • I'm on the 1.12/1.28 patch using all vanilla files except I've turned off the zombies / animals , I've also set the items to spawn in pristine/worn

    I've done a complete server reinstall now (3rd time not a charm)

    my problem is not only is hardly anything is spawning in pristine / worn all the food stuff is rarer than anything in.. is this a known issue or anyone know whats gone wrong

  • Changes are not always immediate. Changing items from damaged to pristine can take days and days before you find everything pristine.Assuming you changed the cfgspawnabletypes.xml to have items spawn in pristine. The old loot must despawn before the new loot can come in. This is not an issue in any way. Dayz vanilla by design has certain items rare than others, again this is by design. You can change this by increasing what ever items you wish in the types.xml file.

    Hope this helps

  • found a way to despawn all cars and trucks, restarted servers, and now they spawn in complete ... YouTube is a wonderful thing.

    reset the despawn timer of certain loot, and now that loot is spawning in pristine / worn

    just gotta sort out the spawn locations of food / tools and then i should be all set for fun...

    fun.. fun fun ... until nitrado take the server from me

    again YouTube is a wonderful thing.... also can i mention the people from YT whos videos helped me ??