arma 3 not showing up after adding mods.

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  • i have no idea what i am doing and if ANYONE at all wants to guide me through this i would appreciate it, i used winSCP to move all the files already but when i try to start the server it says the server is up yet wont show or even say its online for direct connection,where exactly do i put these at?


    do i put it in additional server mods or additional mods, if anyone wants to help me fix my load order it would be appreciated do i need to move some of these around or? what am i doing wrong, i also copied all the mod keys into the servers keys already. the wiki is no help and as usual EXTREMELY vague on what goes where.:(

  • Hey belldozer100,

    your Server-Log Shows:

    ErrorMessage: Data file too short 'C:\SERVICES\ni1886418_1_SHARE\ftproot\arma3\@RHSAFRF\addons\rhs_weapon_sounds.pbo'. Expected 196584938 B, got 1588600 B

    Pls re-upload the PBO to your Server, because the upload was not successful to your Server.