Ark Player Management

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  • Player Management Wish list

    1. Add the planned Admin Listing option
    2. Add a means of banning players across an entire cluster, or allow banning via Internal ID/Gamertag
    3. Fix listing of currently online players (the list does not currently display online players)
    4. Player list shows everyone who has joined a specific server within a specified period of time (7-14 days should be sufficient)

  • Not sure you meant to post here.

    If PC, what you are suggesting is all entirely a MOD suggestion.

    If platform, hosting companies are limited to the game functionality from the developers. You may want to go to those DEVL forums and post your suggestions. Forgot to mention you can do alot of this already with RCON, and its available tools. And yes, consoles do not have this available. The more people go to their sites and post suggests, they will see the greater need.

    example: #2, banning across a cluster is not something a host would be part of. Banning functions are restricted by the game.

    #3, Fix listing of players. Many tools already exists. If PC, steam has it built in, same as Battlemetrics. Consoles, limitation by Microsoft or a 3rd party developer.

    #4, already exists for PC. MODs and Battlemetrics does this, even other tools. Some APIs are available as well.

  • I have previously conversed with Nitrado regarding the Admin List for consoles. It is something they planned but required something from WC. Just pressing the issue a bit as it simplifies life for those of us who run large clusters.

    No tools exist for listing online or offline players. Nitrado has this functionality built into the panel, at least for console. At one point it worked, now it doesn't.

    This is not something that exists for console and when the player listing is functioning it doesn't appear to have any set parameters. The game and Nitrado already appear to track this information. All I'm suggesting is that the information be tabled in a more coherent manner within the tool Nitrado has already provided.