How to get exact coordinates for building and item spawns

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  • i have had my server for a few months im looking for someone who can help me find reliable coordinates for spawning in items and buildings. ive either had code not fuction properly or i spawn in the ocean. p.s if somone could send me the files i need to mod my server i would buy them.

  • Validating your files before you upload them to the server is a must. A simple extra space can cause issues. Never make changes while your server is online and using a phone/tablet to mod the files should be avoided. Spawning in items is not difficult at all but it is sometimes trial and error. Finding the right location can be a pain at times. Use Izuvive (free) to get cords.

    You can also use your logs to get cords by either standing still for 5mins, placing a crate or barrel, having someone hit you. This creates an event log in your logs which will give you the location of the event. This is the most accurate way to get cords.