xml modification issues

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  • ok, so I am trying to make more loot (food and weapons, animals, and cars) and change the values in the types.xml and at first it seems like it works but then I log on another day and it seems like I now can't find loot anywhere. SO MANY empty houses, buildings, sheds, etc help me please?;( Oh and also, why does my server still say version 1.12 instead of 1.27?

  • The current version of dayz is v1.12.153840. A v1.12 patch should be released this week.
    If all your loot has stopped, you have an error in your modded files somewhere. Typically since your loot has stopped the error is in the types.xml.
    Validate all files before uploading them after making changes. Keep in mind not all errors are detected using a validator. Spelling and extra spaces are among the most common errors that can kill a file being read by the server and is not detected by validators. You can compare your modded file to the vanilla to find these types of errors. If your using note++ add "compare" under plugins/admin.
    All this is of course if your using a pc to make changes!