Can't find the server after the May 1 update.

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  • Hello. I'm Japanese.

    After the ARK PS4 update on Saturday, May 1st, I cannot find the server I rented.

    I was able to find it the day before the update.

    I changed the server name and restarted it, but it is still not found.

    I changed the language from Japanese to English and still can't find it.

    Please fix this. Or please let me know the situation.

    Thank you.

  • Shocolanta

    Changed the title of the thread from “I can't find the server I rented.” to “Can't find the server after the May 1 update.”.
  • Sorry if there’s multiple threads, I’ve seen on previous responses that servers are back on and updated.

    Just checking my Ark server still shows Ver 562.4.

    Just questioning if this is why when I’m searching for my server after the update it’s still not showing?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Server Name: TheNorthenBattlegrounds

  • Also still unable to update my server. I've been restarting it every 5 minutes for hours now. There has GOT to be a better way.

    The only technical headache I have with Nitrado is the complete lack of communication or in-dash tools to know when an update is available. Honestly, there should be an auto-update and restart option for PS4 servers.

    However, that wouldn't address the issue of 12 hours of downtime because the completely opaque and mysterious Nitrado update pipeline isn't updating our service so it can be used.

  • Additional Info already in the forum..

    When will my ARK server update when ARK has an update? [ALL platforms]

    The post explains how the updates are done.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and Nitrado does see them.

    If you wish to reach out to Nitrado Support, please visit the following link. They offer a couple ways of doing so.

    Link: Support |

    This is a Community Support Forum where admins and gamers like you and I, and others to offer assistance to each other.

    Thank you.

  • That post explains zero. I said it before, and I'm saying it again.

    Here's some questions that are NOT on that wiki page:

    1. How do I know there's an update available?

    Last time I asked this question, I was told to look at Wild Card's info. That only tells me when they released an update to Playstation, not to when Nitrado is ready to start rolling out updates. I understand that there's an internal update pipeline at Nitrado for sensible reasons, but we have no way to see the status of that pipeline.

    2. What triggers an update on my server?

    This is completely not mentioned. Should I leave my server offline? Does the update happen when I restart my server? Does this mean I have to reboot my server over and over to get it to update? Why is there no auto update option?

    I'm sure you think that these support requests and forum posts are because all your users are stupid and we don't read the wiki. I've read the wiki and I've looked at the dashboard, and it's sorely lacking.

    Understand that these points are to reduce everyone's inconvenience. You don't want repeated support requests and forum posts, and your users want to know what's going on and how things work.

    I just restarted my server again, for the 30th time today, 13 hours outage and continuing, and still no update and I have no idea why. Posting a link to a wiki page that doesn't answer anything isn't helping anything.

  • i have the same problem .

    fun part is 7 of 8 maps are working only 1 not.

    i did a support ticket like 6 ours ago no respons and i see in this thread no answer ore fixing my ore other problems.

    i understand that a updat take some time with a lot of servers but this is not acceptabel.

    its like 18 ours ago the update and why 7 maps are updated and 1 not that make no sense.

    i like to have a normal answer like.

    ok there is here something wrong and it take a long time.

    ore a answer you can do this ore this.

    ore just update the map you can do this .

  • I have still old version in interface too. Running on Germany server. If it was few hours, i can understand... but waiting SO LONG for paid thing... now i will be scared with every small update in Ark if it means my server will be out for ?? hours...