Transferring and Saves

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  • So I'm currently renting my first ever server(Genesis) but my tribe mate and I are wanting items and dinos from other servers. I've seen that you can't password protect Clusters, so what I want to know is, if I change the map to say Extinction, can we upload our Genesis characters and download them on Extinction once it's changed over, play around on there, then upload again, change the map back to Genesis and download everything we've got? Or is the only way to transfer by using a cluster?

    Also side question, if I cancel my server/subscription, does Nitrado keep my save for it and if so for how long?

  • Doing character, items, and dino downloads it's always risky if you only have one Server designated, but still possible.

    We recommend you get an additional Server so you can have one Genesis and another individual Extinction map that you can be simultaneously switching, as it is the safest path to take when attempting to transfer data from one map to another.

    As to your last question, Nitrado will continue saving your information as long as the Server's rental is to date. Once the Server is due, we only compromise on keeping the information for around a week. After, all data will be gone. Of course, that depends on the platform your Servers working with, as PC users are able to create local backups and save their games and maps.