Nobody Can Connect After Server Move To New Hardware, Help :(

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  • After Nitrado moved 2 of my servers to new hardware nobody can connect to them. They are getting failed to retrieve address error. When I called in the person was not super helpful at all and I got the same person when I called back =/. He submitted a ticket which he said will be until probably tuesday to be seen to. I do not have great experience at all with the ticket system and have never actually gotten help from it. I am desperate. Does anyone know anything that may help? The players are freaking about not having the maps for 1-3 days. Should I try to roll it back a bit? Just wait it out? Keep restarting to see if anything changes? ;(

  • Hello,

    Only Support can assist with your server issues. Moderators do not have access.

    Perhaps post what platform and game you are referring so folks in the Community may respond with ideas and suggestions.

    Thank you.