Ark Baby settings not taking affect

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  • Hello, I have been trying to see if I can change the intervals and speeds on ark. Both for mating and hatching, however it doesn't seemed to be affected by the changes made. Anybody having other issues or ways to fix this?

  • Hello, I've recently made some changes in my ark server all I did was just changed the values of the breeding, mating and baby multipliers. However, the baby multipliers doesn't seem to be working well.

    Do take note that, I've shutdown my server before making any changes, save the settings then restart the server.

    Mating Multiplier to 0.007

    Baby Mature speed multiplier to 10

    Baby cuddle interval multiplier to 0.1

    Babby cuddle grace period to 0.4

    Baby food consumption to 1.8

    baby cuddle lose imprint quality to 0.99

    I based my settings on some youtuber's video and followed it and I should have almost the same timers as him but for some reason I don't

    It would take me at least 40+ minutes to cuddle and the baby maturity speed is very slow.

    Are my values wrong or is there anything am I missing?

  • really cant compare the actual vids with stuff as over time ARK has adjusted gameplay and dino stuff therefor will change the game.

    So the best thing to do to check if they are working is this: (I know you already did some, but in case others read this).

    (1) Go into your server, look at ONE stat time for something. For example: Mating Multiplier (Time between two pregnancies (smaller value, more babies)). Make note. Also this was recently discussed in another post recently here.

    (2) See where you are making the changes. If in expert- server needs to be shutdown, make changes, save. restart. Check via FTP the ini file to make sure 100% the settings stuck.

    (3) if in webUI only, server does not have to be shut down. Make the changes, save, then restart.

    (4) Once the settings are set and server is up, log ingame and look at the same dino with the timer. You will notice pretty quick it has changed.

    I am in the middle of massive breeding on Genesis for TEK Rexes as we speak and I literally made that change and it worked.

    Once you have what you need, do a Save Configuration Profile. Good to have if you need to roll back or recover ini.

    Some other reasons why its failing- game bug perhaps, it didnt save- verify in the ini file it did, you have a typo or an incorrect entry, numbers being used are no longer available to be used (mostly happens with max numbers being used, perhaps too many spaces or ascii characters in the ini file, double ini entries for the same setting exist (I call this ghosting)- and it happens.

  • Hello, thank you for replying. I'm gonna have to agree with you on that first statement. Apparently the video I watched is outdated and I checked an up to date breeding calculator and it's sort of accurate to what the results I'm getting so I don't really have any issues server side. Basically what I need to do is just to significantly increase the values till I'm satisfied with what I can deal with.

  • I used the beacon app to check the settings and got a different result but gotten 20 hours in the game.