Spawn Weight multiplier for Modded Dinos

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  • So we have the more kaiju mod installed on our server but there is a certain type of dino that keeps spawning in an outrageous amount of them. Is there a way to change the spawn weight multiplier for modded dinos or is this a problem with the mod?

  • That is probably something you should contact the mod creator about or see if others have reported overspawn. Also it depends on the map being used.

    Some modded dinos will spawn in huge amounts on modded (nonDLC) maps, or even DLCs for that manner.

    But you can lower the amount of the spawns.

    Since you are using PC, you could just remove them altogether and then install simple spawners and control through an interface the spawn amounts.

    or add directly to the code. First you have to figure out what the dino name is. You can contact the mod creator and ask them or navigate to the game folder where modded dinos are on your client.

    Example to lower the rate of this dino:


    Limit percentage should be the amt to adjust. The above would mean that they will spawn out of the spawner region, but only 2% of spawns will be them.