Trident (Modpack)

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  • I can easily switch ModPack in nitrado (from skyfactory to direwolf...) but i dont know how do i get another Feed The Beast ModPack on the‘s called Trident its on Feed The Beast too but idk how i get the ModPack on the server can someone help me please?( And i want only use the launcher Feed The Beast no vanila)

  • Hi Benji305,

    I think you can have only one FTB-modpack one your server at the time. So if you want to install the Trident FTB-Modpack you have to choose "Minecraft (Curse Launcher / Feed the Beast)" in the gameswitching tab an click "reinstall". There should be a drop down menu where you can choose the Trident-Modpack. Keep in mind, if you click reinstall and choose the new modpack the old ftb modpack which you had installed will be deleted.

    I hope I could help you,