Server backup removed mods

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  • Ok, I ran a server backup and 3 mods specifically that had loaded fine before hand now will not load on my server. The steam IDs are in place. I added and removed them from the cfg and sbc.(which is a primary cause of the restart loop i came to find) ive reinstalled the server. did the steam dll fix. everything boots up and loads fine aside from the 3 mods. any help other than unplug it and plug back in IT response (as I have scoured the depths of google ) would be appreciated.

  • This is an issue that might need to be reviewed by Support.

    What it's sure it's that, if you took off the Mods and add them back up, the Server might request to create a new world. As the Settings for Space Engineers can only be modified once. After, all changes require a new world generation.

    We'll create a Support Ticket to continue assisting you in this situation.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.