Server restart alert message?

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  • I have set auto restart every 6 hours in Automated tasks.

    I want the server to send warning message 30, 15, 10, 5, and 1 minutes before the restart.

    For example: "This server will restart in 30 minutes"

    I know you need to edit the messages.xml but I can't find clear instructions how to make this happen.

    Can someone give simple and idiot-proof instructions, please? Thanks in advance.

  • Im new aswell, but what I did was to go to the db folder and open the messages.xml file in notepad++. There are sample messages in green. I used the no 1 option.

    Just copy it and post it outside the comments.

    It will give warnings from 90 min, and onwards, basically as you mentioned .

    The time is indicated in minutes, so 360 will be 6 hours.

    Timing is slightly out, so I'm playing around with the minutes to get it as close as possible. Currently mine is set to 347.

    I might be doing it wrong, but if you edit it, it wont work correctly the first time. Only after the first scheduled start will the messages be synced with the time that was set for auto restarts.

    Mine atm: This must not be commented out(in green)




    <text>Warning!!!! Server #name will shutdown in #tmin minutes.</text>


  • You wont gt them exactly synced. Automated tasks settings for minutes is from 1-10mins. So the timing cane be off by that much from reset to reset. Do as HecticXB stated and play with the time to get it as close as possible. Also keep in mind there can be issues with the server stopping using messages.xml to set the restarts so make sure the automated task kicks in first.