How can i upload a local map to the server?

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  • Hey,

    you download a free FTP programm and login there. Now you can see there a lot of files. One dictionary has the name world. There you can Upload your own world. You FTP acess is on your dashboard.

    Sorry my english isnt well but I hope I could help you.

  • Please help :c

    Quick Guide

    This is for more experienced users who are already familiar with FTP Access and server management.

    For a more detailed explanation start with the First Steps below.

    1. Download the map that you want to use and make sure it is in a .zip archived format.
    2. Upload the folder to your server’s root directory.
    3. Stop your server and use the Backup/Restore function to unzip and manage the map.
    4. Change the world field in the server page to match exactly the name of the uploaded map.

      Note that capitalisation, spaces and punctuation are all included in the world name .
    5. Start your server.

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