Can't get minecraft custom modpack to run correctly

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  • So i got my Nitrado server yesterday to try and run Minecraft Enigmatica 6 on it. The modpack isn't officially supported, but Nitrado says that uploading your own modpacks works. Everything seems to work except one thing and this is where my problem appears. When i try to start the server it runs the Minecraft_server.jar file, which is the wrong file for my modpack. For the server to start properly it has to launch a batch file. Does anyone now how i get it to run the batch file instead of the .jar one? Any help would be very much appreciated!

  • You are not able to run a batch file from these servers for security reasons. With a cloud server you could though- just an fyi.

    Please reach out to Nitrado Support and see what they would suggest since they own the hardware.