Do Nitrado remove mods?

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  • Why do nitrado staff remove mods from the server i rent, they decide to turn the server off while folks are on the server and proceed to remove a mod.

    If you will not allow that mod then let us know you dont allow and refund us back.

    so guys do not install discord link mod on your server nitrado will just stop your server for you without notice.

    Not happy......................................X(

  • To my knowledge they only intervene when there's an issue. And removing stuff just like that is not something that happens.

    Try reaching out to support. I believe they can help you with that. Even if it's just a refund request. But at first I'd try having that issue resolved.

    Also are you sure that the mod didn't crash the server?


    Changed the title of the thread from “WHY” to “Do Nitrado remove mods?”.
  • They do not remove them its related to Server Updates. On every Server Update the Mods folder will be replaced with original one.
    Currently you have to upload your Mods after every server update which is more frequently than normal game update.

    Btw. ingame all modded items etc. are gone.