Server or Official ARK Server?

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  • Hi there. New here and was interested in perhaps getting my own server, as I'm sick to death of the constant disconnects and 'host connection timeout' or 'no room' errors I experience in the game. Today it took me ten attempts to log into a server with 12/70 users connected. I have a 300mbps cable connection with 16ms ping to the nearest ookla test server. I have an XBox one X with the game on SSD drive.

    Unlike other games where a disconnect or glitch results in a lost life ticket, Untimely 'glitches' in Ark can result in hugely frustrating losses, sometimes of things you have worked on for days to achieve.

    What worries me is that on hearing about Nitrado as an option and coming here, I don't get the feeling that my experience would be any better.

    Forgive me if this sounds a bit combative but I'm sure you understand, if my core reason for looking to rent my own private server is to get some level of stability in gameplay, I need to understand that I will be getting this.

    May I ask for other people's perceptions of playing on own versus official servers?

    Are there fewer timeout / disconnection errors? Are the sort of issues mentioned here very rare or more regular than one would want?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  • Hello,

    Sorry that you are having issues.

    I have seen where folks with consoles have the issues as you mention above. And it appears like 50% of the issue WC says it is them. This is even per their own Twitter and Discord notices.

    But also you really on MS, and hosts for the rest of the connectivity. Keep in mind more and more are working from home. So although you may have a nice connection, the bigger part of the connection is being shared by more. And even the home connections are being shared and not dedicated. XFinity for one here in the US state they are saturated. Nitrado as with any other company is doing what they can to better the experience. But some of it is not in their control. I suspect even servers are being swapped and such.

    The difference between a hosted server and official are some of the following:

    (1) Hosted- you have admin control of the game and server. Official you have zero control.

    (2) Hosted- if you have say a corrupted or need to recover from a backup you can at some extent since you are on console. Official you have no control and may have to start over.

    (3) Hosted- Unless you have a very active community you will have less players. Official will have way more.

    (4) Hosted- you control the rates, and game/server settings. Official you have zero control.

    Myself am a PC server owner and have been for like 30+ years. With PC you have way more control. Consoles it seems best effort. Most of the things are control from the platforms. ie: MS and Sony.