nitrado server keeps restarting?????

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  • I have a Nitrado server I bought about a week ago, and have ran into a problem I cant seem to find a fix for. I know the "constant restart loop" thing is a common problem, but mines not quite that. Instead, when I start my server- it restarts on its own about 15 minutes after its up. Then will restart again within the next hour. So its restarting on its own basically 2-3 times an hour, which makes it pretty difficult to get anything done lol. Any help is appreciated!

  • I would suggest looking at the logs. Also see if any schedule tasks has been set.

    Also the ARK Official Network just released in their twitch and discord:


    ARK: Survival Evolved #announcements


    — Today at 10:15 AM

    @Verified This message won't apply to everyone, but will apply to an assortment of you:

    We've received a lot of reports about some servers crashing every 15 minutes across various platforms. We've managed to learn a lot about this crash over the last few days and have our engineering team working on it at the moment. It's quite a complex one, so afraid that there's no ETA but it is our highest priority (in the sense that they're not working on anything else until it is resolved) and we'll update you guys as soon as we can."

  • Event logs? Or log files? Sorry, noob here.

    I have a scheduled task set for every day at 23:07

    And im assuming you mean log files, which just keeps posting this every time it happens


    2021-04-07 16:29:11 Server restart requested (Webinterface)

    Wed, 07 Apr 2021 09:29:19 -0700 Server restart requested (WINDOWS)

    2021-04-07 17:01:29 Server stop requested (Webinterface)

    2021-04-07 17:12:50 Server restart requested (Webinterface)

    Wed, 07 Apr 2021 10:12:58 -0700 Server restart requested (WINDOWS)"