New Ark server on xbox not working at all

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  • soooooo yesterday I rented 3 more ark servers because I wanted to start a cluster however only one of the 3 new servers is working at all the other two are constantly restarting/installing/stopping/starting/ going to destination fked. I am familier with the process of reinstalling the server the waiting 5-15 min then stopping the server waiting 5-15 min changing to expert mode waiting 5-15 min but when i get to this point in expert mode i get the following error The requested file or directory could not be found. sooo what the heck has anyone else had this problem i figured it might be on the xbox side or maybe some problem with nitrado itself but i would really like to get my new servers up and running any help would be awesome!

  • I don't think he will give you an answer. His last visit in the forum was back in june 19.

    Please wait for the support to reply to your ticket. It may take up to 24 hours to get a reply. Just in case you can't wait or dont want to wait, you can still call them.



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