Loot issues, too much in custom buildings, not enough in regular buildings.

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  • I have a nwaf pvp high loot server. Things were going well before and loot spawned in just fine in containers, bunkers, etc but something has changed and custom buildings are taking priority?

    Recently I have had an issue where loot is not changing in default spawned buildings but in my custom buildings loot seems to be respawning(doubling) each restart.

    For example i have spawned in a "Land_Mil_Tent_Big1_1" building next to another of the same type and loot will spawn in the custom building but not the regular one right next to it. Maybe 1 item will spawn in the nwaf tent if you are lucky like a single platecarriervest but in the spawned in tent right next to it with obviously the same mapgroup rules will have 2 guns and 2 clothes and a bag.

    I have to restart the server with the buildings commented out and then restart again with the buildings back to reset the loot in the custom buildings but it keeps messing up.

    My code excerpts are below, please let me know if you have any information about how to resolve this.

    Event Code:

    MapGroup Code: