Dayz Zombies not spawning loot

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  • So me and my friends just opened up a server on Dayz and I'm the main coder. I don't have a lot of coding experience but I can still understand what does what and what I can change. Im having some issues with spawning items on zombies, and I don't know what is going on. Ive tried wiping the code and switching it back the original XML file, and it is still not working. Ive only changed values, nothing else. Ive ran the code through XML code checkers and even other people, and they all say that the code is correct and there shouldn't be any problems. I also have hoard and cargo values at 0, so the loot economy wouldn't have an issue with it. Anyone else having this issue and is there a way to fix it? Ive also tried wiping the sever multiple times, and changing values as well.

    P.S. Im not able to attach my files to this, so I can't show what I have done.

  • Without seeing your code for the specific zombie(s) in spawnabletypes and your code for random presets it may be difficult to help. The chance values set the percentage chance of that item spawning. You also have inventory space limitations, zombies have like 12 slots of space available..

    Personally I used a set of cargo and attachment tags in the spawnabletypes file and randompresets file.

    I highly recommend watching a lot of donsibley games and scalespeeder games videos on youtube. they are both great and informative on the topics of console mods with the xml files.

    Make sure to turn off your server for 3-5 minutes before updating your code files.

    SpawnableTypes Code:

    1. <type name="ZmbM_usSoldier_normal_Woodland">
    2. <cargo preset="foodArmy" />
    3. <cargo preset="mixArmy" />
    4. <attachments preset="hatsArmy" />
    5. <attachments preset="bagsArmy" />
    6. <attachments preset="vestsArmy" />
    7. </type>

    Random Presets Code: