Xml modification

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  • Hi all! im really frustrated at this point,i removed quantity in my xml files and i added to others. i saved the changes deleted the original xml and restarted the server then refreshed the server on my console and got no result. then repeated multiple times. im curious if someone could help? i love this game but i wont continue to pay for the service of nitrado if i cant fix this.

    Hi, i have been doing my diligence and preforming the research i finally got my server pawning extra items and loose ammo. however now its not spawning those loot items at all , i also have the guns at a higher output for spawning as well as changed spawn locations and the guns refuse to spawn extra or in new locations. any help would be appreciated! im not sure if the lifetime and spawn time are the issue of the max and min quantity is off? i used an xml validation site for the file so i know the code is correct. the ammo boxes and loose ammo as well seem to be similarly elusive.