Zombies with Red Headtorches

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  • There are several ways to do this. I like this way the best as it simply adds them as hats on random zeds.
    Add the lines to cfgrandompresets xml under any hats presets. adjust the percentage and your done. I have included santa hat, great helm and pumkin helmet as well. simply use the ones you want. Head torch black is the red one. Grey is white.

    Hats presets:

    <attachments chance="0.30" name="hatsVillage">
    <attachments chance="0.30" name="hatsCity">
    Add he following lines you want and adjust:

    <item name="PumpkinHelmet" chance="0.10" />

    <item name="GreatHelm" chance="0.10" />

    <item name="SantasHat" chance="0.10" />

    <item name="Headtorch_Black" chance="0.20" />

    <item name="Headtorch_Grey" chance="0.20" />