Server: "DayZ of Night survival" All welcome.

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  • DayZ of Night Hardcore Survival Server PS4

    Everyone welcome whether you are new or experienced, the aim of my server is to offer a more extreme/harsh survival environment to experience DayZ at its core, the server is open to anyone who wants to give it a go.


    26 slots (will be expanded)

    First person

    No crosshair

    Players spawn in towns

    Darker nights

    2HR day – 2HR night

    No personal light

    Increased infected hordes

    Custom infected hordes around the map

    Items/food/tools balanced (increased survival difficulty)

    Less guns/ammo

    Added the C-130J to heli crash sites

    Vehicles available are the ADA and the Truck (others are removed)

    PvP 24/7 no safe zone

    Increased wolf/bear encounter frequency

    Increased wolf pack sizes

    Added wolf/bear spawns across the map north/south

    Increased game/wildlife

    Base raiding 24/7

    Server restarts every 6 hours (6,12,18,24)


    -No base building in military bases or towns-

    Base building in villages, outskirt farms and isolated (including isolated military) is fine.

    Apart from the above building rule play how you want, after all its your game, enjoy.

    Discord optional for leaving feedback, reporting abnormal server issues, or comments on future edits/features.