Server: v325.6: ark server not updating. PC/Steam

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  • I regret buying my Nitrado server last Friday. I'm still at 324.22. I read on another thread that we just need to be patient and wait, but it's been 5 days and now I'm 2 versions behind. As a paying customer, that's not acceptable. If this is standard, I'm not keeping Nitrado. 2-3 hours after release - fine. But 5 days and counting. That's not acceptable. I was able to get in my server the last few days, but now I can't. I suspect it's because of the new patch.

  • For minor patches typically they are not updated nor will they keep others from connecting. Its the major or more important patches that are pretty quick.

    The link provided above gives great detail how updates are done. It also talks about why servers are not updated immediately. They have to protect the entire network of customer and servers. To also note just cause it is released on steam does not mean its been released to the hosts. Hope that helps.

    Thank you

    In reviewing: 324.22 if you are not on it.

    324.22 - Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

    Patched had already been pushed. Even my own has it. Try a restart and see if that works to get you to at least that version.

    324.24 info

    324.24 - Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

    I suspect this is a minor update hence why not updated yet.

    PC Patch Notes: Client v325.6 - Server: v325.6

    Wiki does not even have it listed as of yet.

    But I do see the notice on my discord along with…lient-v3256-server-v3256/

    Nitrado is aware and waiting for update files.

    Please continue to be patient. Thank you.

  • thanks for the update i will try again in the morning


    Changed the title of the thread from “ark server not updating” to “Server: v325.6: ark server not updating. PC/Steam”.
  • This release will affect all trying to connect until the server has been updated.

    Even my servers are unplayable atm.

    Hang in there folks. Last updated was just a few minutes ago that Nitrado is waiting for server files so they may update. Twitter has more frequent updates.

    Thank you.

  • pressing X to doubt.…ns/0/2650805184970497919/

    1. THE ARK developers post the patch notes on the steam community. Not a gameapedia wiki.

    2. those notes have been up for hours

    3. the server release has been available on steam as of 2.5 hours ago. (ARK: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server · AppID: 376030 · SteamDB)

    (24 March 2021 – 20:22:03 UTC)
  • The UE4-ShooterGame Game has crashed and will close


    LowLevelFatalError [File:E:\build\Live325\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\GenericPlatform\GenericPlatformMemory.cpp] [Line: 51]

    Ran out of memory allocating 18446744073629794304 bytes with alignment 0

    VERSION: 325.6

    KERNELBASE.dll!UnknownFunction (0x00007fff0259d759) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0]

    ShooterGame.exe!FError::LowLevelFatal() (0x00007ff742b26eb6) + 0 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\core\private\misc\outputdevice.cpp:354]

    ShooterGame.exe!FGenericPlatformMemory::OnOutOfMemory() (0x00007ff742ab36f3) + 0 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\core\private\genericplatform\genericplatformmemory.cpp:52]

    ShooterGame.exe!FMallocBinned::Malloc() (0x00007ff742b50754) + 0 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\core\public\hal\mallocbinned.h:984]

    ShooterGame.exe!FUntypedBulkData::Serialize() (0x00007ff742badf59) + 31 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\coreuobject\private\serialization\bulkdata.cpp:734]

    ShooterGame.exe!FTexture2DMipMap::Serialize() (0x00007ff7434b9678) + 0 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\texture2d.cpp:137]

    ShooterGame.exe!SerializePlatformData() (0x00007ff7434ba04e) + 94 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\texturederiveddata.cpp:1390]

    ShooterGame.exe!FTexturePlatformData::SerializeCooked() (0x00007ff7434b9abe) + 0 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\texturederiveddata.cpp:1402]

    ShooterGame.exe!UTexture::SerializeCookedPlatformData() (0x00007ff7434b9cdd) + 0 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\texturederiveddata.cpp:1907]

    ShooterGame.exe!UTexture2D::Serialize() (0x00007ff7434b98ef) + 0 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\texture2d.cpp:314]

    ShooterGame.exe!ULinkerLoad::Preload() (0x00007ff742ba5b3e) + 0 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\coreuobject\private\uobject\linkerload.cpp:2985]

    ShooterGame.exe!FAsyncPackage::CreateExports() (0x00007ff742b8b06b) + 0 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\coreuobject\private\serialization\asyncloading.cpp:1056]

    ShooterGame.exe!FAsyncPackage::Tick() (0x00007ff742bb63bb) + 8 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\coreuobject\private\serialization\asyncloading.cpp:296]

    ShooterGame.exe!ProcessAsyncLoading() (0x00007ff742ba7038) + 24 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\coreuobject\private\serialization\asyncloading.cpp:1580]

    ShooterGame.exe!StaticTick() (0x00007ff742bf45ac) + 0 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\coreuobject\private\uobject\uobjectglobals.cpp:303]

    ShooterGame.exe!UGameEngine::Tick() (0x00007ff74328a458) + 0 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\gameengine.cpp:1115]

    ShooterGame.exe!FEngineLoop::Tick() (0x00007ff740ddde48) + 0 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\launch\private\launchengineloop.cpp:2432]

    ShooterGame.exe!GuardedMain() (0x00007ff740dd8dec) + 0 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\launch\private\launch.cpp:140]

    ShooterGame.exe!GuardedMainWrapper() (0x00007ff740dd8e3a) + 5 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\launch\private\windows\launchwindows.cpp:125]

    ShooterGame.exe!WinMain() (0x00007ff740dde74c) + 17 bytes [e:\build\live325\engine\source\runtime\launch\private\windows\launchwindows.cpp:213]

    ShooterGame.exe!__tmainCRTStartup() (0x00007ff7442fe06d) + 21 bytes [f:\dd\vctools\crt\crtw32\dllstuff\crtexe.c:618]

    KERNEL32.DLL!UnknownFunction (0x00007fff02d97034) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0]

    ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction (0x00007fff04922651) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0]

    ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction (0x00007fff04922651) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0]




    How can i Fix THis Please