Localization not being acknowledged while using SphereII Mod Loader!!

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  • I'm running some mods that aren't in SphereII's mod loader's list so I'm having to manually install them in the "mods" folder. This doesn't appear to be a problem at all and everything is running smoothly. However, the localization file seems to be being completely ignored. I was previously not using the mod loader, and had gotten most of my mods from The Nexus, Vortex works good enough if you're not using SDX mods. But because we wanted to try out Guppycur's vehicle madness, and I'm the groups mod guinea pig, I got the mod loader (I actually like it a lot better) so that's a net positive... however now localization isn't working and all the items, Mayic's Firearms 2 for example, have the mayicgunsr25 names instead of what they should be. Even after I manually copy the localization for those that require it, and run the .bat for those that have it, like Mayic's. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you guys are awesome.