Items spawning/not spawning - DayZ logic ??

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  • So I went through my types.xml since there are so much useless stuff I don't want. (I did this days ago)

    For example, I set womens clothing to minimum, like nominal 5 and min.1. I can't find Whetstones anywhere so I pumped it up to 100/80. Now the problem is, I still find a lot of womens clothing and zero to none Whetstones...maybe 1 per day if I'm lucky. I also added Whetstones and LeatherSewingKit to randompresets so zombies would drop them but no, zero Whets/Leathers dropped so far.

    Game is doing exact opposite what I want, why? What is the logic behind this? I don't understand. X/Frustrating.

  • zombi82

    Changed the title of the thread from “Items spawning - DayZ logic ??” to “Items spawning/not spawning - DayZ logic ??”.