Whitelist storage cap

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  • Hello.

    This thread I am creating pertains the whitelist storage cap that has been found to be true(After my last thread I created), I have seen you guys tried to do a fix for the cap but failed (Horribly) at fixing the storage cap, I’m just wondering when we will see this cap gone as we have now had to wipe our whitelist 13 times (5 times prior to my last thread I created of this issue), it’s becoming more and more apparent that this needs to be addressed by myself and others as it seems you guys don’t see the issue with the cap, we have had to collaborate with bot creators (Jeabers) to try and create a “inactive whitelist” clearing system which is just something that shouldn’t even have to be thought of. we make these communities to try and achieve something huge, And we have continually been given issues with your servers, I’d like to see this issue addressed and given a working fix, rather then a fix that was taken away a day later because it seemed you guys didn’t even test the fix before making it live.