Tileable storage for shulker boxes and stackable items? 1.13.2

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  • So currently my survival server has challenged me to make an item sorter for each stackable item possible to get in survival, which in essence isn't that hard of a concept. I was just going to use the normal tileable item sorter for each item, but then I got to thinking and realized that I might actually want to use it as a storage system rather than just to say I did it. By this I mean I would like to have it so it sorts bulk items (cobblestone, stone, dirt, etc...) into shulker boxes and then put the shulker boxes in the chests but the rest of the items that you don't get so commonly (Different color terracota or concrete, coral blocks and plants, etc...) into the chests just as the items.

    I already have the understanding I need to be able to have the items pulled out of shulker boxes (for example after a long caving expedition) and then sorted into shulker boxes or sent into the system if I don't consider it a bulk item. However, I am struggling to find a solution to have the shulker boxes go into the respective chests. Perhaps if i had been playing continuously this wouldn't be a problem, but I just joined back in 1.13.2 after not playing since like 1.7.3 so the concept of shulker boxes, observers, etc.. is still fairly new to me despite the fact I understand the basic concepts of them.