Increase zombie amount?

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  • (Another "increase" thread... forgive me.)

    I'm trying to increase the amount of zombies on my server.

    Things I've edited so far, for example:

    events.xml (infectedcity max 500, etc)

    globals.xml (zombiemax 2000)

    zombie_territories.xml (dmax values village 15 and city 30)

    So I've increased the values some bit but I still don't see any difference...zombies are quite scarce, actually.

    What am I doing wrong? Any tips are highly appreciated.

  • go into the zombie_territories.xml file ( dayzxb_missions - dayzoffline.chernarusplus - env - zombie_territories.xml file)

    for example this is the line of code for the zombies on prison island

    <zone name="InfectedPrisoner" smin="0" smax="0" dmin="15" dmax="20" x="2698.18" z="1285.76" r="150"/>

    you want to change the dmin and dmax numbers to whatever the amount of zombies you want

    so on prison island on my server i have between 15 to 20 zombies on prison island

  • So dmin/dmax values are more relevant than min/max/nom ?

  • idk but this is what i have

    <event name="InfectedPrisoner">









    <flags deletable="0" init_random="0" remove_damaged="1"/>





    <child lootmax="5" lootmin="0" max="0" min="100" type="ZmbM_PrisonerSkinny"/>