My Server all of a sudden shows 0/0 players.

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  • Don't know, if this may be related to the game update, or more to Nitrado servers? My server this morning after restart all of a sudden shows 0 of 0 player slots available. I am paid for 3 more weeks. I didn't change any player counts or anything related like that in any ini files. There was an update to the game last night though. What should I check?

  • Is your server working besides this visual bug? If yes, don't worry about it.

    I've seen this a couple of times but it was usually back to normal after some time. Maybe the update has changed something and nitrado needs to implement the change to display the correct values.

    No support via PM.

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  • Forgot to state that this wasn't a visual bug, I couldn't connect to the game either. Had to restore the backup from previous date, something corrupted the save... Since then, I had a similar issue with my another main and expansion servers. These were a new game and I had to reinstall the servers. Odd.

  • When ports show 0/0 it is an interface that is reactive. Until the server is up, and stable it will remain 0/0. Then update correctly. As you mentioned you had a corrupted file which happens. The path you took is the only way to correct an corrupted file. Good for you figuring it out and posting what you did. This will help others in the Community.

    Thank you. :)

  • thanks for replying, could you perhaps advise on some other issue:

    I have a dilemma. I run 4x4 Atlas cluster and for some reason, it only allows me to level once after I visit an island. No matter how much exp I assign to the islands in the grid, it seems to only give me enough for 1 level, then I have to go to another island to get more DP, and only 1 more level opens. I bet I have messed up one of the multiplies. Can someone please advise, which mulpitplier be responsible for this kind of level limitation? I am only level 10, so I don't need thousands and thousands of DP yet. Each island now gives me 1000 dp, some 2000 dp. But even with 2400dp I can only be level 11.

    Also, this morning after server restart, everything all of a sudden weighs a TON more... I wonder if the last update increased items weights...