Issues with Web UI

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  • Some questions regarding the web UI for Ark Servers (PS4):

    1. Why isn't the server version shown in the dashboard? This seems a key piece of information.

    2. Server check: this subpage displays no information at all after the title. Seems... unhelpful for a page called "Server check."

  • Hello,

    This you would need to ask Nitrado Support directly either by calling them or creating a ticket.

    Typically the version does show, and only when we do not see it is during an update. This is the same for the rest of your question.

    Support contact info in my signature.

    Thank you.

  • So this is a screenshot of my dashboard. I don't see a version here. Exactly what should I be clicking to reveal the server version?


    The screenshot above was taken 2.5 hours after going live with most recent update.

    As far as the "rest of my question", here's what I see. Am I seeing incorrectly that it is blank?


    Oh, and on this later shot, you're right, the version did show up. So, that's encouraging.

    Either way, I'm reporting both of these here as an FYI. The "Server Check" feature isn't important to me since my server works fine, but it's odd that its a blank page and maybe someone there might want to know that. The version thing is a bit annoying and inconvenient, as the time you MOST want to know the version is during an update. I feel like the failure to display a version is due to some other silent failure unrelated to updates, because I've gone to look this up before and its not been there... Can't be 100% sure, but it's a little wonky to not be able to see the version 100% of the time.

    Yes, all UI nitpicking, nothing critical. But the kind of thing maybe someone wants to be aware of to perhaps improve the user experience if you are so inclined.