Mod updates: S+

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  • Same issue for me, it says i have out of date mods but when i choose to force update on the three of them they just continue to say the same after a server restart. might be something to do with steams workshop.

  • yea thats exact same issue for me. Just spoke with support they asked me to remove all mods and try...kind of afraid to do that because we use structure + and all of our things are made with it...if it is a mod issue maybe we can see which mods we share in common... we use structure plus / upgrade station/ awesome spyglass

  • S+/Upgrade/Awesome Spyglass as you are running, also a Couple of others one of which I have already removed. I am beginning to wonder if it is a corrupted save somehow.

    Edit: Just checked the S+ discussions and it appears that there is an update that went out that people are having issues with actually getting to update on their client side. Could very well be that. As well as a few that had to un install and reinstall it on the servers.

    Just had to re-launch steam about 5 times before it showed a Mod update for me to download.

  • Removing mods will eliminate possible mod issue, but as you noted it would wipe anything that uses that mod.

    Before you remove mods to try, use FTP and make a couple of your entire game from the server to your PC. That way you have the most reset file to roll back with.

    The alternative is remove the mods and say it worked or you not you can use the recovery backup method through the site. Note this is not the most recent backup.

    And to comment whether corrupted file, check the server files. If file is corrupt the only way resolving that is try different recovery backup files until one isnt corrupted.

  • Can confirm that for my server it was a client side mod issue. S+ had an update that steam has not been pushing for everyone. Took several restarts of steam to get it to show but once I was finally able to download it I was able to see my server again without having to uninstall/reinstall anything on the server itself. I hope everyone has the same luck.


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