Server roll back after running for almost 24 hours

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  • I just got my server last night and the server was running on full players (64). Then today many people have complain that the server roll back almost to the very beginning when the server just started.

    Most players sadly end up with nothing, because they only started recently. what happened here? :cursing:

  • Sever rollback auto 2 time and loss data on 17 mar ,20mar Loss is home , stat characters, skill , car , people
    Support nitrado recommended reinstall Server . I have done as you suggest
    Server it ok 2 day and restart it not rollback

    Today restart the server is rollback, why It Reappear again . what happened.

    Support can't tell what's going onX(

  • Hello community I am the one who used Nitrado SCUM server. I got the basic problem on nitrado(rollback) 3 times. And I try to googled about this and found MANY people still have this issues. I dont know why Nitrado still not fixed it 100%. All thing from panel is awesome onlything I cant opened more because I cant sure about rollback problem will happen again

    Hope Nitrado developer team work harder in this issues

    ps. I try to monitor when its will happen look like its not have the fixed time. I open one server without any player for 5day still not rollback but when have player the problem happen


    Closed the thread.