Ajusting dino spawns

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  • So I just started using this code to get Rock Drakes on crystal but I am having a problem with how many are spawning. How do I decrease the spawn amount, because there are way to many?


  • I would run the command as admin in the game. You will then also see that it was executed. Can only imagine that the hook in the server settings does not work properly. With such low values, there should otherwise never be so many Dino's.

  • I would say it's best to try out just one dino. Let the rat appear at another spawn point. Try this for the rock drake:


    If that causes a constantly increasing number after a dinowipe im still on, I dont know what to do. For me, the settings on Ragnarok run flawlessly with 11 dinos, but just all inserted at different spawn regions. Good luck