Server not responding

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  • I changed ark to the new ark map, the server just kept hanging on restarting. I then reinstalled the server and it restarted, loaded, said not responding, then after half hour it restarted again, it hung for a further hour before then saying server started. But now all I get is server not responding in the steam server. I can't access it. Ive been at it since 6pm and it's now 10pm


    OK so I've finally just got in and it's loaded up an old save of this map when I had it as a mod map rather than official release. But that's weird as I wiped the server... So how is that still there????

  • Check to make sure you dont have a modID still in the webUI.

    Also you may want to direct your question to the Valgeuro Discord. Only they can really answer that directly.

    *I would be very careful running on that save being it is an official release. It would suck if you played over a period of time and you discovered you had been running the mod instead and would have to wipe down the road.

    Even their channel recommends a full wipe.