Newly purchased Valheim Server with Port listed as "0"

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  • Just bought a 10 slot Valheim server and after having issues trying to pull it up via in-game or in the steam servers list I realized that my port is listed as "0". I checked for Query Port under the server graphs and its "1". I am assuming this is what is preventing me from finding my server? I've restarted it several times and turn it on and off several times. I have friends running around in their Nitrado servers so I am just confused.

  • Looked everywhere and tried everything, got a ticket open and hopefully can get it working. Changed server hosting locations to see if maybe the specific one I was hosting from was having issues. No matter where I try to launch the server from I cannot get an IP that has a port outside of "0" and now the day I took off to try to relax and enjoy this new game has been ruined.

  • Only thing we can suggest is to try a reinstall and see if that helps.

    Otherwise you will need to wait for Support to respond to your ticket. Tickets are worked in the order in which they are received. Typically its same day, but can take 24+hrs depending on the current queue. Thank you