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  • my server did an automatic server restart but this time it got stuck restarting and eventually stopped after 15 minutes and my server wasnt up so i tried starting it again but it then went on for another 15 minutes so i then tried reinstalling the server which it wouldnt let me do. my frien d who also owns the server tried using backup files which it began restoring but then got in an infinite backup of the files and its been like that for about 3 hours and wont let me do anything to the server. the server was running just fine before this and no changes were made to the xml files during the restart

  • Same goes to mine......Dayz Server Restart and never end . Been waiting for 38 hours and counting .

    only an email reply saying We understand the situation and we are very sorry that the problem continues to arise. We continue to provide you with support in the ticket number .....

    should I wait for another days or another month? / cancel / pay for another new server ? at less and answer that we are looking at the issue it may take ( how many days to fix the server )

    With that I can make plans and -- Something is really wrong somewhere

    Very bad Very Bad


    ID 5369358