PC Server mods, how to?

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  • I have a PC Space Engineers server, but allow crossplay with Xbox. I have been scouring the internet on how to upload mods to the server, and nothing has worked yet. When I enter the Mod ID on each line, nothing happens. I tried adding the mod line (per the wiki) to the correct config file, nothing happens. What is the process to make this work? Do I have to use mod.io mods since I allow crossplay, or can I use Steam workshop?

    Thank you,

  • I am also having problems getting mods to work. Except I have no intention on using Crossplay for my mods. As a last resort, I'm going to try to MANUALLY upload the actual mods into my server. I will let you know if that works, then guide you how to find the mod ID folders on your computer.

    But to get a headstart, your mods are installed in this directory: \Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\244850
    244850 is your Space Engineers game folder.

    Then you'll have to do some research on what mods you want, and find out it's ID number, copy the whole folder and place it in another folder for ease of organization if you want. Because that mod folder will have EVERY mod you ever downloaded and can be a pain to filter.

    Once your done copying all the ones you want, use an FTP client and upload them all into /spaceeng_profile/mods

    Hopefully that works for you.