Creating mods and starting my server

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  • Hey,

    I'm new to all this nitrado server thingy and i wanted to know if there is someone who can teach me or show me how to properly install some mods i need for my future rpg server. Some of the mods include biomes o'plenty for example. I tried almost everything, i called the support, chatted with them, watched the nitrado videos, searched for threads around here but nothing seems to work.

    Right now nitrado is telling me that there is information missing atm and i can't start the server because of it. I tried reinstalling everthing and checked if the file was really just a .jar and not a jar.jar. but nothing seems to work.

    I really hope there is someone who can help me out and maybe do it for me or at least show/tell me step by step what i gotta do, because honestly I'm about to cry lol

    thanks for the help i really appreciate it. :)

  • so apparently i am able to start the server now with forge installed but i am not able to install a mod. If i start the server with a mod in the mods folder it just acts like there is no mod installed.

    btw thank you so much for helping me out! :)