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  • 2 questions. How do I change the name of my server from default without loosing progress?

    And how do I set it to where all my friends need are the password to connect? We seem to have to add steam IDs to it for them to gain access at all.

    Thanks in advance

  • That does not work. I have changed the name from the WEBUI under the General tab and that just resets the world progress. I had to do a backup to get it back. Also changing the password does nothing about having to add Steam User ID's to the files to grant access to a player. I don't want to have to add a steam ID to permissions every time I want a new player to join.

  • Ok I got the sever world name fixed. Thank you Doagen. I think originally that happened by accidently changing the world name lol. But that is 1 remaining issue left.

    How to set it to where a new player can just use the IP and Pass to connect without me having to add them to permissions list. How do you remove that whitelist check? For some reason no one can join unless I add them to the permissions checklist. I think that is quite annoying and if there is a way to bypass that I would like to do that lol.

    I should add this was a single player world my son brought over to make for his friends if that helps.

  • I fixed it myself. Now I will share the solution I figured out.

    So to make your server show up on the Community List of Servers you need to download and edit the file start_server

    Under the command line ./valheim_server.x86_64 -name "My server" -port 2456 -world "yourworldname" -password "yourpassword" -public 1

    You add the space -public 1 at the end. If it is not showing or is set to 0 it will not show on the Community List. Very important it is there with a 1

    After you edit that on your computer, delete the old one and upload your edited file into the main Valheim directory.

    Also permittedlist is not needed at all. If you have 1 ID in there everyone needs an ID listed. If it is blank it will not require it.

    If will show banned to players not on a populated list. So remove all IDs on that list to open it up.